Sumptuous fabrics
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Sumptuous fabrics

[:en]When you first meet a room, you first encounter the décor. You notice the ensemble, the way every piece of furniture and every decoration are distributed in space and only afterwards you get the chance to really interact with the ambient, to perceive the flavors, to notice the light and, even more so, to feel the textures. To really contribute to creating the proper comfort, every single element is important. At a superficial look, the décor is probably enough, but if the interaction with the space means more than that, then textures become really important.

Through their nature they contribute to setting the mood. Depending on their consistency, on the composition and colour, they either filter or reflect light in a certain way and they set the temperature and sound. Geometrical, floral or abstract prints can fill a room in a more sensitive and harmonically manner then objects themselves.

draperie perdea ivoire

Geometric, floral or abstract prints can fill a room in a more sensitive and harmonious way than they could do as the objects themselves.

The way fabrics and materials are combined in interior design can set the tone for the sensations suggested by a certain space. It could be rigid and official, if everything is simple and neat like when metal, wood and leather come together. The tweed could successfully replace leather in order to obtain the same effect of elegance and sobriety.

A decor could be delicate and feminine if silk and fur are brought to the forefront, next to them lace could be seated to reach the same end. It is worth mentioning that lace is more and more present in contemporary decors, either as an element of counterpoint in an ambiance which highlights the „history” of the place and objects or as „the main character” whose role is to delicately distort right lines and to diminish the asperity of materials which might come out as too brut. It looks ideal next to hemp and eve next to wool.
If you are aiming for cheerful you can try to decorate the space using different fabrics, which are luminous and rich in color.
A romantic room will aim for semi obscurity, floral and, why not, pearlescent and chrome-like fabrics. Brocade would fit perfectly, in such a decor.
A masculine decor does not necessarily have to give up every type of blaze, but it would be better served by shades which are close to zinc and silver, which are very well (and yet subtle) rendered by taffeta.

Velvet can help create a dramatic atmosphere even with a bit of eccentricity, although, placed in a bright and colorful ensemble it will become, next to all other elements, just a detail, not a centerpiece.

Before choosing the proper fabrics it is important that you pay attention to some elements, so that ou will know how to make them co vibrate better. Take a good look at the volume of the space; the bigger it is the more it will allow you to play with textures, colors and prints. The season is also important; depending on it you will be able to choose the density of the fabrics. During winter you will want thicker and more consistent drapes which will not allow for the cold to get in easily, also, you will choose a thicker carpet which will help keep the warm inside. Pillows and blankets are add-ons with which you will be able to play easily, even more so now, during winter, when they become more than a way to dress a room more expressive.

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