How to use pallets in interior design
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How to use pallets in interior design

[:en]Using pallets in interior design aligns wth the DIY current trend. Equally striking is the tendency to reuse materials and not only through reconditioning, but also rethinking their original purpose.

There are objects, as is the pallets case, which has multiple possibilities for (re) use. Moreover, if putting together their brutal nature and their huge potential we will obtain an ensemble which is acting as a stimulus for imagination and skill challenging. And if the result is less costly, both financially and as the effort invested, the projects can flow ceaselessly.

We thought to consider some of the most common types of interior design projects involving the reuse of pallets.

How to use pallets as structural elements

Being strong and stable, the pallets can become part of redevelopment projects involving changes not only through decoration but also the space itself, as subdivision the area for example. For repartitioning the space, pallets can be used as an interior wall that is completely closed up and compact or just partially. They might be used as well for marking  different levels in an open space.

The pallets as support elements

The pallets could be also used as background for other elemens exposure. They can be placed as dishwashers support in he kitchen or shelves for photos, messages and personal objects. For the same purpose could be used as a support for some unusual items, as appropriate lighting and plants.

design interior etajera paleti lemn

How to use pallets as clasic furniture

Their shape and stability have made the pallets to get first of all into the  interior design as the basis for the classic pieces of furniture. So probably the most common way of using them is the bed frame. Equally common are projects where pallets are converted into tables or nightstands.

What’s interesting to note, on the one hand observing projects already completed, on the other trying to imagine new ones, is that even the simplest ideas puted into practice by using pallets suggests their great potential.

design interior masa reutilizare paleti

design interior camera copilului paleti lemn

amenajari interioare tablie pat paleti reutilizati

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