Paint your home!
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Paint your home!

[:en]Let’s talk about how to easily change the atmosphere of your home without changing everything in it. Big changes require time, energy, and money. But what can we do to improve our home and, especially, to save up a lot of time and money? We propose to paint your home!

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If you want a new look for your home, then changing the cromatic palette is the most accessible solution. In the same way as the meaning of the worlds change when out of their first context and placed in another one, so changing the background where all elements in one room are exposed can action as a recontextualization.

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The success of an interior design project is very much related to the reports between elements, when these change, the modification can be strong enough to create the sensation of new and fresh. Therefore, if you chose new colors for you walls, you can, without changing the furniture, appliances or other elements (rugs, drapes, curtains, decorative objects), to obtain a space that transmits a feeling of new.

Transformation can be, with no doubt, according to the options you choose. If you only want to open up or lower down one or two tones down, then the change can be one compared to the adjusment of light intensity. If you are interested in obtaining more, then the changes you make should be more daring. And why not doing it? If you don’t like it, in the end you only have to change the color.

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To avoid, though, a potentially expensive and time consuming process, ideal would be, before chosing a color, to ask yourself about the effect you want to get. You want more depth to the room, you want to reduce visualy the height of the space, you want more light, or to create an area of interest? All this questions are questions we recommend to ask yourself before staring anything and this because, considering you answers, you will know what color to pick. Cold colors give the sensation of far away, so if you want to create depth to a room, cold tones are the best solution. To reduce the distance, idealy you can use warm tones. Options can be constrained by the destination of the room. Even if you are not a big fan of neutral colors, probably you will think a bit before chosing between cold and warm when you will decide the right palette for the bedroom, home-office or living room.

Our advice is to create a moodboard for yourself – put down what inspires you from nature! Surroundings are always the best idea to go for as you can find all colors in perfect combination. Find the meaning of the room and then search for colors and combinations.

When talking about texture, if for the room upmentioned are recommended matte colors, for the spaces like bathroom and kitchen, we recommend textures which are resistent to changes in temperature, humidity, and steam, like the paints with a varnished look.

An important aspect that you need to consider is if you want to go for uniformity or for a specific pattern. It is easier to work with a space with somewhat uniformity, on a background like you can arrange almost anything, so offering you a lot of flexibility in decorationg. Pattern can be a bit more complicated because they require special attention to details and they are harder to calibrate with funiture that isn’t distinguished by simplicity.

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