Separating walls in interior design
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Separating walls in interior design

[:en]Dividing space is an issue worthy of notice when the space is ample, generous or and also when is modest. In both situations the subdivision purpose is to give opportunity to enjoy freely the functions that you can adopt.  And when there are more people who have a common space, the need becomes even more obvious.

Equally important as the subdivision itself is the understanding how to make this distinction in different situations. When we talk about separating areas in a given room, is very unlikely to want building a wall leading to two different chambers. For these situations we have solutions that can be more easily applied and much less intrusive to the initial structure of that space.

Let’s talk about some examples of areas that we might want delimited. If we consider for example the bathroom, a possible distinction may be required between the location of the shower and / or bathtube and rest of the room. Steam and humidity can be a serious reason to delimit the areas mentioned above. Even more so if the bath has open storage spaces for towels, bathrobes and other hygiene and care objects.

baie perete de sticla separator

To avoid cramped feeling, the best solution of separation for the bathroom are the glass walls as they allow light to flow and in the same time they are keeping true scale of the space.

Built walls, eaven the semi-open ones, may be a solution, but rather in generous spaces.

The bedroom is another room that can be considered useful to install a partition. The purpose of such distinctions could be to separate the sleeping area to the wardrobe one.

perete separator dormitor

In the kitchen, a partition could mark the difference between the food preparation area and the dining area.

The livingroom is perhaps one of the most loaded of functional potential of a house. We can think about spaces to spend time with family or to welcome friends, a seating area designed for reading or listening to music quietly and, as well, in the livingroom could accommodate an office when you need to work from home. It would be absurd that these areas to be separated by walls, leading to a total repartition of the original space. However, without abandoning the original purpose of your livingroom could be envisaged installation of partitions to delineate those areas that specifically need quiet in order to maintain focus. Home offices and reading areas are certainly one of those. Their separation from the rest of the living room can be made easy by installing a “library wall” or a “wall” full of vegetation.

Solutions of partitions that are not completely opaque or compact may be limited only by imagination.

delimitare spatii usa reutilizata

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