Chic storage
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Chic storage

[:en]When everything around is a source of information and of „new” it is hard to hold yourself back from wanting as much as possible from all you see and seems interesting: gadgets, books, clothes, shoes, decorations and all the rest. You would like to have them all and, one thing is sure, the last thing that could go then through your mind is: „Where will I keep them all?”

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Although the urge to always buy in excess might point to some sort of problem, we understand how important it is for you to succeed in getting all the things you want, that is why we decided that we will not let a few storage spaces to come between you and what makes you happy. That is why we thought we should use this article to present some ideas which are helpful for highlighting or discretely disguising some of the most creative storage ideas.

Because it is winter and we are all thinking about the Holidays, about that cup of tea or hot chocolate that we will drink next to the fireplace, we thought that some ideas about how we could keep the fire wood inside would be welcomed, especially if they will help do that without influencing the entire decor.

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During the Holidays there are a lot to be done in the kitchen, therefore it would be useful to get some help in this area as well in order to keep it as organized as possible, The dishes, the fruits and vegetables, it would be best if they could all look as neat as possible and still remain nearby so as to be easy to reach, because they will sure be needed more than usual.

You cannot think about the Holydays without thinking about a party and you cannot think about a party without thinking about clothes, accessories and shoes. You can make them part of the decor, or you can lock them away behind closed doors, either way the possibilities are limitless.

Good luck organizing!

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