Living room – decorating ideas
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Living room – decorating ideas

[:en]To be able to choose the best solutions in decorating your living room, first you have to analyze the functions that this space will have. It is true that they are relatively intuitive, and, most of the time, the same: the space where you receive your guests, where you spend time with your family, a place that offers you the right context of relaxing, where you can read or listen to music.




Therefore, the way we decide to use it, which will be the main destination will semnificatively decide its decoration. It’s one thing to create a space where you know you want to accommodate eight people for a “movie night”, you might want to invite your friends once per week, and another different thing to divide in the same time in a welcoming area where one can discuss over a cup of coffee and tea, a corner which fits your desire of reading and which can be comfortable enough to offer you some “me time”.


It is true what they say that imagination has no limits and probably creativity either, not necessarily personal creativity, because it would be amazing for all of us to be infinitely creative. Whether the options, it is important to know that solutions exist even for those who don’t overflow of creativity, which is why specialists exist. Interior design can be seen as art and science, as the artistic manifests through its dimensional aesthetics, while the scientific comes out of its capacity of harmonizing, calibrating its aesthetic solutions with the functional needs and predefined and limited space that needs decorated. In another words, it might not be impossible to obtain what we want to from our living room, no matter how outrages our demands are. But for that to happen, we must be aware that we might put in motion an excellent aesthetic sense, a great capacity to see the potential of the space, creativity, the ability of harmonizing the volumes, chromatic shades, to control the light, and so on.


The position of the TV is one of the most important aspects that we have to consider when we decorate our living room. We must keep in account the traffic flow that is created so that it won’t affect the line couch-TV. We must take in consideration that both natural and artificial light won’t bother us while watching our favorite shows. That is why we suggest you use drapery, rollers, etc with a high grade of opacity for your windows. Consider both multifunctional switch which allows you to turn on and off the light from different parts of the room (one to be positioned next to the couch) and dimmers that adjust light to sooth your mood.


Use the light both functional and aesthetic: spot lights that accentuate a display area (collections, paintings) or the finished touch of an wall, standing light or nightlight used for the reading area, etc. The light disposed on different levels and intensities has the advantage of creating different moods, depending on the activity meant for that space.


We are talking here about the most used room in the house, so make sure you use materials and final finishes that are resistant and easy to clean. Through its nature, the living room is a space where we can play the most with our creativity, mixing patters, styles, and colors. That is allowed (and encouraged) by the many activities that we want to integrate in this room and we can do that by marking different areas through furniture, elements of impact, like and accent wall, lighting, and why not, all of them at once.


The living room is a space with immense potential, and solutions exists, all we have to do is to identify the right ones and make sure they are obtained in the most professional way.

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