White interiors
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White interiors

[:en]White is more so often used as a base, it is the place where everything starts. Despide that aspect, there are more and more examples in contemporary interior design which use white not as a base but as a main element, and this is because, with no doubt, of its characteristics, qualities that can be used differently depeding in which context they are used.

design interior amenajare alb scaun piele

Few of the characterictics of white stand out no matter the context of the decor, and this is all because of its potential of creating light and the idea of space. Any time there is a problem of a tight space or not enough natural light, it is recommended to light up the collor pallete when decorating.

design interior amenajare in alb stil scandinav parchet nuc

Using mostly white you will obtain a uniform and balanced space which will leave the impression of stability and comfort. Despite the uniformity though, this assemble won’t look obring at all. Through the nature of textures and lines unsed in a white interior, this space can be placed from a minimalist side to as further as a very decorative space.

design interior alb calduros lemn natural

White interior can be both silent and marked by a subtle elegance and very vocal, up to shrillness, when sumptuousity steps in.

idee amenajare living alb design interior

The capacity of white to suggest cleanliness, to create the sensation of a well-mentained space is also independent of any context, yet there are situations in which the context of design potentiates even more. This happens usually in spaces that themselves have a significant power in this way, like bathroom and kitchen. When white is used as a dominant color in bathroom or kitchen, this colors gets – as mentioned before, helped by the nature of these rooms and by specific textures (glass, ceramics, clean and shiny surfaces) – the meaning of higienic, even steril.

design interior amenajare bucatarie alb stil minimalist faianta metalica

balustrada alba scari lemn masiv stil minimalist

There are different shades of white, and, like every other texture, using more shades in one interior is recommended. One must be careful, though, how these shades are put together. It is important to stay in the same type of temperature, cold or warm.

design interior caramida alba corp iluminat pendul cupru

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