How to dress your home office
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How to dress your home office

[:en]Companies, most of the times, go for uniformity, spaces that suggest unity, efficiency, and strictness; that is why there are just few of those who can allow themselves a personalized office. A home office is another story, mainly because it is an intimate space that allows you to introduce all sorts of details which you consider will boost your well being.

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If at work, you are pushed forward, in those 8-9 hours, of the many errands, collegues, bosses, clients, and contributors, home you can stimulate your work involvement through undiscovered methods, and, why not, more firendly. You can introduce, to grow your work mood, motivational messages that remind you where you want to go and, especially, how to get there. If you are motivated by success examples, nothing stops you to create a bookshelf with the biographies of the people you admire; therefore, you have them, right at the palm of your hand, when you might need to be reminded that the road to succes it is, in no way, a easy one.

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As important as symbols which show you where you want to go can be things that remind you how much you went through to get where you are right now. They can be an important aspect on your work state of mind. Diplomas which prove that you are right for the job, photography from conferences or competitions in which you had to overcome challenges, even images of your own work, those appraciated at a large scale.

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home office design interior birou inspirational

Maybe you don’t have the chance at your work space, but at your home office, comfort can be one of the top aspects of the design. A soft rug which you can rest your feet on while you concentrate on your work maybe sounds  a bit excentric, but when you work from home, it is a luxury you can afford. At home, you can get out of the monotone colors (or at least uniformity) of an office. You can allow yourself daring prints and colors. You can complete your decor with plants that give a plus of bitality to the space and, if that inspires you, even few elements of aromatherapy.

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Likewise, everything that stand as stationary can be stored in playful spaces. Stirage boxes, pens supports, correspondence platter are so many reasons to explore the design you want to chose for your home office.

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