How to arrange a small balcony in an apartment
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How to arrange a small balcony in an apartment

When the summer approaches, you start to give some more attention to your home’s outer space. As specialists, our thought flew to the arrangement of these spaces and we thought to give you some advice for arranging a small balcony.

It is said that it is healthy to spend as much time as possible outdoors, and in the warm season you have the opportunity to compensate for a whole winter spent inside. There’s a balcony, even a small one, in each home, whether it’s an apartment or an individual house. We proposed that your balcony be this summer, a space that inspires freedom and relaxation!


Plants are absolutely necessary! They’ll bring fresh air into any small balcony. Besides, there’s no need to waste the space on the floor for them, you can use the vertical space, the walls and the railing to hang them directly or to use hanging pots.

Practical Furniture

Considering that you have a small balcony you could use a bank with storage, which you can sit on and which, at the same time, can fulfill the role of the table. In this case you can use some pillows placed on the floor for sitting. Prepare some quilts to make it more comfortable for when you want to read or simply enjoy your morning coffee, a lemonade in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening. Or, if you are more of a nonconformist, you can create a relaxing place using only a slightly thicker mattress and a bar-style table on the railing!

If you are a classic style adept, buy a table set with pliable chairs. For a summer atmosphere, choose cheerful colors to increase your good mood.

For total relaxation you can successfully use a rocking chair which will send you easily, easily, back in time, to the land of childhood.

Lighting Fixtures

If you plan to stay out and in the evening, and the warm summer nights may lure you to do this, you will realize that a light source not too powerful can be very pleasant and useful. You could choose some light garlands, candles or even a chandelier!

Colored Carpets

It’s right that plants can help you cheer up any space, but they’re not the only option to give color. Play with a variety of carpets. They will enhance the comfort conferred by the space you are arranging, both the tactile and the visual. If you want to feel even closer to nature, choose an artificial lawn.

With little time at your disposal and some creative ideas like the above, a small balcony can transform and transform your experience into pleasant memories. Therefore, we were pleased to find that, on March 15th, Brico Depot launches its garden campaign. It is a good time for anyone wishing to decorate their balcony, to find the right solutions in the 34 Brico Depot stores from the 25 cities. During The period 15-28 March, you can win instant prizes and you can benefit from special offers!

Moreover, we are delighted to announce that our interior design studio, Gavia Concept, will accomplish the 34 designs offered as prizes by Brico Depot!

Summer’s on its way! Have you checked your balcony design off the TO DO list?

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