The Hallway – Interior Design
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The Hallway – Interior Design

[:en]The hallway is both a space which connects the rest of the rooms and also a transition space. Its role as intermediary between other rooms and it’s transitional nature are the two issues that often make him neglected. Because we don’t spend too much time in this space we don’t give too much attention to this space. It is not hard to see that such negligence or, better said, a low interest of the hallway could have repercussions on the entire house. In fact, to achieve the looking for harmony we should pay attention to each part of the whole: the devil is in the details.

holul design interior - piatra

holul design interior - bicicleta suspendata

This is not the only reason why we should pay more attention to the hallway. Although it is a transition zone, it has a potential that can be exploited in the interest of the whole house more than you could imagine. If for the other rooms free space is realy important, the hallway is probably one of the few rooms that could compromise at this level. We can reduce it’s surface as to get as much storage space as possible, obtaining the advantage of no longer be required to make their place in the other rooms. One solution would be to place the cabinets on the walls of the hall. Their style choices depends of each tastes. Can be classic, keeping in their structure exposure spaces for decorative elements, can be minimalist with an uniform shade with minimized decorative details.

For those who can’t afford to dedicate an entire room for a library, an office, or a quiet relaxing area, the hallway could be the ideal place for setting them. The shelves arranged on both sides of the hall can create a pleasant and useful landscaped space, especially if there is a staircase.

holul design interior - spatiu eficient

holul design interior - spatiu dimensiuni reduse

The hallway might turn into a gallery in which to display the most cherished family memories. The walls can be an exhibition space for photos, creating not only a pleasant decor, but also a great environment for guests.

Here are just a few of the options for decorating and using the hallway that we usually cross without thinking of how much could contribute to the comfort of our home.

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