Get inspired as an interior designer
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Get inspired as an interior designer

[:en]A lot of people ask us how we find our inspiration, how we manage to do so many projects, yet keeping them so different from each other. It might sound like a cliche but inspiration is all around us and, especially, within us.

To really search for inspiration, doesn’t matter if it is for a pesonal project or professional one, one must first look within themselves. You have to know about you and why you are doing the project. You have to know your pluses and minuses and really know on what aspect you are good on and when you can seek for help. We don’t have all the answers (wouldn’t that be awesome, though?); therefore, we have to know what we don’t know and where to seek. When we start a project, we first look within ourselves to see if we can manage that project from start to end. If it’s a positive answer, we move to the next step…

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We get to know our subject, which in our case is our client. In an interior design project, the client is one of the most important aspects, because our project has to reflect their wishes and needs combined with our designer’s touch. And sometimes, we have to look behind the words to fully understand how they see their perfect space. We start with a set of questions and images where we find out what they need and what they like. We are all complex human beings, so our questions have to cover a large spectre, because our inspiration can come from not-related design aspects.

When all that is settled, we go back to ourselves, as designers and that is when all the tough work begins, because we have to perfectly combine what our client wants with what we create.  Inspiration comes from experience. We are ought to go out there and look for it, have our eyes and hearts open to everything. So, we travel, we look, we touch, we read, and we combine everything for a final result. True inspiration is not an easy thing, because we tend to go back to things we know. Creating the new means getting out of our confort zone, and sometimes it might not be the easiest of things, but that is when the beauty reveals. That is when we discover new elements we can play with, new colors, and textures. In today’s days, you are allowed to do anything, to combine all sorts of things for a new result.

And that is the beauty of our job and why we have different projects all the time.

The world around us is one of the most inpiring elements out there. It is the perfect combination of color and textures and materials. When we travel, we like to get lost in the cities and find small streets filled with boutiques and personalized objects, we like to interact with people and cultures and expand our vision. We like to taste new food and see the local artists.

inspiratie calatorii design interior

natural autentic design interior

Look at nature! How colors change when the weather is warm and sunny – they are filled with life, they are bright. When the rain comes along, the world transforms in a melancholic place filled with romance and memories. And at night, when the moon finds its way up there, the world is created by shadows and lets our mind imagining another space.

So, when people asks us where we find our inspiration, we ask them to grab a coffee and sit down because it is going to be a nice and long talk about how beautiful the world around us is, and how we, step by step, learn to accept it with good and bad and try to take what’s best from both sides.

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