Concept Gavia in an article in Casa Lux Magazine, about the importance of integrating elements that define you, that reflect the client passions and feelings.
Project “#13 Floor”, presented in an article in Casa Lux, was designed in an eclectic style that is found in scandinavian and industrial influences, modern and vintage. We harmonized the styles, needs and passions that define the clinets, things that guides us in making each project Gavia Concept.

amenajare sic revista casa lux design interior

The project was a special one, because the client role was played by our colleague, Anamaria Căpăţineanu, Co-Founder of Gavia Concept Studio and interior designer. Although we know eachother quite well, we decided to follow all the steps that underlie our projects: filling in the questionnaire for customers, detailed discussions about their needs and expectations, the reconfiguration and efficient organization of the space, decorative scheme and technical details that ensure proper implementation of the project.

We restructured the space, we designed storage niches, we have achieved an efficient flow of traffic and created areas of interest for each room. In our Casa Lux Magazine article you will discover how and why we designed like that each area. For example, the kitchen was arranged in a predominantly scandinavian style, with remarkable brightness and warmth, complimented with copper finishes. The bathroom was finished with wood ceramic decors, that is climbing the wall next to the bathtub for a continuity effect. The master bedroom was transformed into a unique scene, an oasis of peace and relaxation using concrete finish, white veil and natural birch trunks. And about living …. it is easy to guess the personality of each of our clients, a black wall, because Anamaria is a bohemian person and for Rares, passionate about music, we chosed furniture pices that brings over lots of music energy.

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