“The Key ” is one of the lucky offices, which the company founders have decided to redesign so as to represent their personality and their marketing activity: ” We wish a classy, homey, contemporary and … outstanding space ! ”

That’s how a new creative space took shape, initially dull and designed as most offices around the world. The wall in front of the entrance, witch serves as the focus point, is highlighted by a text message about life, business, family, where “the key” plays the main role.

The most important projects are submitted by a creative fan-type system, suspended by the ceiling and strategically positioned in front of the sofa, to be seen easily. Inspired by unconventional inclination towards girls, we proposed that the library of the specialized books to be outstanding, represented by a wooden staircase painted in multicolored spash technique.

The subtle collage of personal photos, their passion for contemporary art and DIY (Do It Yourself), the music corner of jazz, or street music, we have used as an important source of inspiration for the project and were integrated into space planning to offer a truly personal note.

Classy, “homey”, contemporary and outstanding!