The remodeling project is of a 1-bedroom apartment of 46 sqm in Bucharest, Romania. The client needed to include all children’s activities in one space, therefore, the solution came as of repartitioning this space into a 2-bedroom apartment.    The client needed closed spaces due to the need of intimacy and well defined functionality.

The need for storage, very well dotted by the client, was effectively accomplished by using all available spaces. White resin flooring was chosen with the idea of openness and light through its continuity with the entire housing area and due to its antimicrobial and antistatic characteristics. The lack of windows in the living room was filled by placing a double glazed glass wall separating the living room from the bedroom, and let natural light enter the room, while the air vents was proposed by using an ecological system with heat recovery.

The master bedroom was minimally designed with its main use for relaxation and storage. The feeling of intimacy is here achieved by lowering opaque coils. From the bedroom, one can access the small desktop area created in a very bright, airy and ventilated space, taking into account that one of the owners is a smoker. The dining area is multifunctional. Placed outside the kitchen, it serves as a dinning placed, and folded, the mirror gives a feeling of spaciousness. 

The child’s room was created with storage spaces, a work space and exhibition spaces for his toys and books. Due to the need of a playground, the furniture was placed around the perimeter of the room.