Well, we are happy that finally we get to talk about this project. Oana and Mihai, a young couple, “freshly” married, recently bought a house which they felt the urgent need to transform it into a home. When we first met Oana she told us how she first tried to decorate herself the space and playing it safe, she got at the end of the project realizing that all acquisitions, furniture and finishes were spinning between beige and brown. This is a good example about how, by decorating yourself the space you get to realize that it doesn’t represent you.

“I am sorry I didn’t call in an interior designer from the very beginning. Now I have to spent more money repairing, not to mention time and energy”, Oana was telling us. Therefore, they contacted us because they felt the need of a makeover of the space, with the condition to keep what we could from what it was already bought.

Mihai, a passionate of cooking, loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking for his beautiful wife and closed friends. They appreciate comfort and everything related to ergonomic design. And because this time they both wanted to put a mark on the color scheme, the result was a welcoming, joyful, and colorful interior, words that best describe them both right on the spot.