Diana, Sebastian, and their two children live in Buzau, in a house with high ceilings and interwar feeling. They wanted us to redo their kitchen and living room, a redecoration with the minimum of invazion, which, in the end, to reflect elegance, quality, and warmth.

Interwar houses have a rare beauty to them and they give the impression of grandness, mostly because of the high ceilings. Room with height have an understated elegance, subtle and imposing in the same time. To balance this overwhelming height, the drapes and curtains were mounted from the ceiling until the floor and we went for imposing lighting that fill in the space.

We decided to keep the dining table, dark brown solid wood, but to give it another look through painting. Therefore, it transforms from “regular” into the piece of resistance, and dominates the dining room area through its colorful shades. The couch, chairs, storages and drapery, where wenge used to be the base color, were changed with new objects in turuqoise, mustard yellow, grey and walnut brown.

The white brick subtle separates the two living areas, the socializing and dining, while in the meantime catches our attention to the beauty of its height.

In the kitchen area, we went for a large lighting, a fast-taking dining area in front of the window and lots more storage than it initially had. The color scheme, materials and textures used transforms the kitchen into a warm space, with more light and more functional.