Since nine years now, in Alexandria, Romania, takes place National Young Theatre Festival, Ideo Ideis. It is an event that aims to create bridges between education and culture, giving to participants a form of training based on personal development through alternative means: acting, dance, creative writing, music, stage design and contemporary art.

The 2015 edition, marked simply “because Ideo Ideis.” was a special edition, the 10th one. We participated at this interior design project alongside architect Cezarina Buca, and together we have created the inspiring world that have been built up by the team and the participants of the festival over the last 10 years. This is how was born the concept of Ideo Ideis “city”, where the guests were greeted at the entrance with little houses built of cardboard hip. Walking to the theater hall, the little houses are turning up into tall buildings, that can almost reach the cotton clouds suspended by the ceiling. The lights have played a very important role in town planning, emphasizing both the realistic atmosphere of the concept and the dreamlike atmosphere of Ideis Ideo festival.