“We want a warm, chic, and light atmosphere”, they confessed to us our clients at our first meeting. For each and every one of us, these words can have different meaning. What does “warm” mean? What do you understand throught “chic”? After the questionnaire we used to understand our client’s needs and wants, we discovered that for Ioana “warm” means natural and almost raw materials, like wood and stone, and through “chic” she wanted few accents of industrial style brought into a shabbt chic context.

Living room and kitchen

The access in this apartment is made directly in the living area, an open-space that includes the cooking area, dining area si socializing area. Even from the very beginning when you entered the apartment, a huge visual impact is made through the wall on which wood was used. This wood paneling is painted in gradient blue and natural wood colors. For the visual effect to be complete, we used the same paneling on the cabinet’s fronts.

For delimitating the entrance from the rest of the room while in the same to differentiate the dining area, we proposed a separation wall which forms a bookshelf accessible from both sides. The dining table, custom-made from solid wood and wrought iron, stands out with the help of the concrete finished wall behind it. The same texture we find at the kitchen countertop. For more storage options, we went for a piece of furniture behind the couch which stands for as a countertop as well.

Master bedroom

In the bedroom, the style most predominant is shabby chic with lots of decorative pillows, candles and fluid lines. With a declared weakness for cented candles, we proposed to Ioana an area especially for that, made from two rectangular boxes, suspended by the ceiling. The white paneling warms up the space and it is in total contrast with the brick wall, which together with the lights give the space an industrial feeling.


The reduced dimensions of one of the bathroom motivated us to design a strip of mirror that covers two of the walls. The master bathroom formed two different faces, an industrial one, where the shower area was marked by small pieces of white ceramics, and a warmer face, where we proposed natural stone in beige and cream colors. As for the bathroom in the child’s room, this one was designed with lotf od shabby chic elements and a lot of “switness”.

The home office

Because both of young adults work sometimes from home one of the rooms was transformed in a work area which satisfies both of them’ needs: the reading area and computer desk. The creative wallpaper supports the working atmosphere but in the same time it offers it a friendly home feeling, and the reading area is marked by the topper-shaped lighting which comes from the ceiling right above the butterfly-armchair.

The hallway

The beautiful memories from all places they have been have a special place. All magnets from the fridgr moved now in the hallway, on a wall directly proportional with their big number. On top of the magnetic paint on the wall, we used ceramic paint, also known as “blackboard” paint so that they can organize their collection on countries and continents with the options of adding later a new location!