Direct Vision is a company specialized in personalized software which offers solutions for companies in the United Kingdom, U.S.A., United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania and Latvia. Combining technological expertise and intuitive understanding in software development, the management team identified the need for high quality travel platforms to enable complete automation of travel companies operating in a cost effective manner. Thus was born WebBookingExpert.

Our clients wished for a redecoration of the conference room, where you can find the principles and values which guide their entire activity. Thus, the key words that define the company are: software, traveling, quality, booking, vision, teamwork, engagement, trust, worldwide – these words play a costum made role in personalizing the space.

The conference table represents the central piece of the entire space. The geometric game, contrast of the materials and the symetry reflect both dynamism and balance. George wanted to integrate, in a small proportion, the color red, for an impact detail. Therefore, the color red completes the conference table by giving it power and vision to the space. Integrated plugs were added in the center of the table for a very efficient usage of it.

Because of the restrained dimensions of the space, we chose to use the same material, 3-layer stratified wood floor, on both the floor and the walls. They wanted to use the color of the logo, blue, that unifies well the image of the brand with the space where the activity is hapenning: worldwide. Therefore, we proposed an extensive lighting wall from Vecta Design, showing the world map.

To use the space as efficient as possible, we went for an exposure area, around the surface of the door, which continues with closed drawers. With this, the space around the conference table was not affected. The air conditiong on the floor was recessed and added the function of exposing the logo.