Cosmin, Alina, and little Ana live in a 2-bedroom apartment, located in a new residential complex in Bucharest. The are of the apartment, 86 sqm, compared to the price of the apartment convinced them to buy this space. Both Cosmin and Alina work in IT and because they spend a lot of their time at their job, they wanted a relaxed and fresh feeling when they get home. Cosmin told us about his inclination towards a modern style, the importance of straight lines and symetry, and the importance of comfort. Alina came to us with a wish of having a house that is filled with light and welcoming, all made through accents of fresh colors.

The living room and kitchen, that now became one space, combines shades of walnut, vanilla, turquoise, grey, and lila. The 3D decorative pannel that delimitates the couch represents the focus-point of the entire space. Fluid geometric game of this pannel reminds us of the quiet waves of the sea in a beautiful summer day. The shades of turquoise found in the upholstery of the couch, the colors of costum-made painting and the glass found in the kitchen dominate the space and come to complete the entire atmosphere that leads you towards wishful thinking, relaxation, and dreams.

The playful markes of the brush in the painting that accentuates the dinning area complete the youthful atmosphere of the space. Comfortable lila velour chairs were proposed as accents and personalized effects. To add more dynamism, for the multimedia area we proposed to use oblique lines in shades of grey and white.

If on the glass, the shades of turquoise accentuate the power of reflexion and depth, on the wall they look celestial, marine. In combination with the shiny white of the furniture, the master bedroom becomes elegant and fresh. The 3D pannel are not just simple interior decoration. They totaly transform the walls and the room itself. The space now belongs to a special syle and a new dimension. Used in different plans, The 3D finishes for the bedroom give intimacy and create a game of volumes full of life, on both wall and ceiling. The delicate pattern of this gives the room a bit of romanticism, the atmosphere they wanted in the master bedroom. From our beneficary’s wish to have as much deposit space as possible, without filling the room too much, we used the headboard as a continuous geometry with the rest of the furniture and it was made from the same material as the dressing.

Ana is enjoying now a room in pink, yellow and white shades. To take advantage as much as possible of the free space, Cosmin wanted for Ana a suspended bed. In the free area underneath the bed you can find Ana’s dressing. The desk was marked by the 3D pannel made out of sugarcane, inspired by the sweetest children stories. Two white bird cages are suspended next to the window and the shiny butterflies that seem to fly away are completing the happy and full of color atmosphere of this space.