Where there is age difference, there is a generation difference where results are visible in most cases, and interior design is one part of it. Decorating an interior, in this case, can be difficult especially in common places, where all needs and wishes must be satisfied in that family. In the apartment we redecorated live two people, mother and teenage daughter, who wanted a change, each depending on their own tastes and needs. From this point of view, the project was challenging and interesting in the same time, and we wanted to transform the space into a home where both of them find themselves and their different tastes.

The main wish was to have enouch space and that is why we transformed four different spaces into one! The hallway, bathroom, storage room, and kitchen became one open-space of satisfactory size. The lack of walls gives the impression of a bigger space, while their and furniture’s white color, together with light-color floor lighten up the entire room.

Regarding the color scheme, we wanted to maximize the main elements both of them wanted us to and, in the same times, to keep a visual balance. Therefore, the nonconformist purple, straight lines and geometric shapes, which express a vibrant youth, were combined with classical influences that bring in a mature and chic atmosphere. In the living room, the fireplace, archly mirrors and old coffee table which is brought to live by paint stand out through the straight lines of the couch and the purple color. In the kitchen, we designed two folding countertops to satisfy both the young people coming for a visit and mom’s need for space.

And in the end, in between a song listened in the headphones and reading “Books thief” by Marcus Zusak, we chose to steal the headphones, listen to the music that inspires us and create a chic space, modern and functional, dedicated to both very open-minded to new challenges people.