Hi-tech is one of the most modern interior design trends. It is a style which taps on the features of high-end technologies and it can be applied to both residential interior designs as well as to public interior design.

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This style emerged from that of industrial facilities and, as a consequence, the image it creates exploits and integrates the functional features of constituent elements. In high-tech it is rather common to have a more open relationship with the structure which, more often than not, becomes part of the final visual outcome. High-tech interior design plays with the original esthetic potential of pipes, valves, elevators, beams and air ducts. This style also ascribes great importance to materials like glass, plastic and metal, and in respect to chromatics it displays a palette of: silver metallic, black and white. As one of the core-concepts that could be used to define high-tech interior is efficiency, it could be inferred that the best associations, style-wise, are with the industrial and minimalist approaches.

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In high-tech interiors beauty and aesthetics are associated with functionality and practicality. At the same time openness is also a defining feature of such interiors. Therefore, as a consequence of these features, in order to maintain the specifics of the style, large spaces, for example, should be divided into functional areas by using light-barriers, glass walls or glass doors.

The appropriate furniture for high-tech interiors must preserve simple geometrical contours and monochromatic materials consistent with the general palette of the space. Modular furniture would also be suitable. It would increase the creative potential of a space which might otherwise seem rigid with a feature which recalls its appetite for innovation and functionality.

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Interior decorations should be kept to a minimum, like any other items which might seem superfluous, and the simplicity of forms should be preserved as an imperative throughout the entire space. When it comes to painting the walls, one option would be not to. Bare concrete walls can emphasize a high-tech statement. Floors can be covered with natural stone, ceramic tiles or carpets. Avoid covering the windows, but if you must define the boundaries between interior and exterior space, better use monochromatic blinds, either horizontal or vertical.

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The high-tech style puts great emphasis on artificial light. Lighting should also display the minimalist taste for clear, simple, geometric shapes and patterns.

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