Brightness has a major impact on the appearance of a room. The light is itself an important element in interior design, tapped to give warmth and comfort.

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The different types of lighting are made by design to control light, its intensity and even how it is channeled into certain areas. Therefore, depending on their nature, whether hanging on walls, ceiling, floor or even inserted into the furniture, the lights contribute significantly to design a room. In addition, more than by arrangement, lights are important because of their design. They can be perceived as true decorative elements or points of impact.

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Large hanging lights, which are reaching down near the table or other furniture elements, will emphasize the area, will provide enough light to allow the activities to proceed smoothly and, in addition, they attract those who enter the room.

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The lightings give brightness to the room not only through the distributed light but also through the materials used in their realization. Depending on the overall decor, they may be discrete, elegant, carefully finished or, on the contrary, a rough or an antique aspect.

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To create a pleasant ambience is recommended that light should come from at least two different levels. Most often solutions for artificial lighting are the suspended ones, which are allowing the light to descend from above and also the ones applied to the wall.

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The choices could be made depending on the specifics of the rooms. For kitchen can be chosen suspedated lights so they can distribute a not very strong light, and in areas where food is prepared and served light can be increased by sources that are fixed to the worktop.

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In the bathroom is important to have a light source close to the mirror, above the sink, but can be also envisaged a series of ambient light to help creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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The relaxing atmosphere lights are also suitable for other rooms of the house, the living room and bedroom. For the living room, we suggest to combine several kind of lighting sources, because, by nature, this space fulfills several functions. The light could delineate areas with different destinations, the reading areas, discussions ones, or the dining and each of them can have different lighting.

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The most suitable lighting sources in the bedroom are the ambiental lights, but are also recommended souces which give more light to specific areas, for example, to be able to read a book in bed.

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If they are closely chosen and overall matched, the lighting sources may become a necessary element to complete a room.

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