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by Gavia Concept

Copper, trend accent

When used in interior design, metals, in their natural shades, characterize the industrial look, which sometimes can come out as raw, stiff, even cold. Copper is, through some of its futures, completely separate from other metals. First of all, copper …

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Pastels and Interior Design

Interiors can be designed so that they can transmit a variety of sensations and impose different attitudes: to the sumptuous and elegant until the familiar and welcoming. Pastel colors are placed in the series of elements which accentuate the idea …

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Nature in Interior Design

Nature means harmony and balance. Maybe that is why few hours spent in nature help us relax and recharge our batteries. Folowing this idea, I thought that it would be interesting to create an extension of nature in your own …

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And welcome to gaviaconcept.com! As most of you know, we are moving from a quantitative era to a qualitative era. People have satisfied their basic needs and now they want to add value to their lives. One way to create …

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