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    Commercial Design / Home Design / Leather Rugs

    Gavia Concept offers a complete range of interior design services for commercial and residential spaces, consulting and support on the site for implementing the project. At the same time, we provide Leather  by Gavia Concept Collection, a line of unique rugs, made of natural leather and fur.

    Thoughts become things

    About Us

    Three designers. Three visions come together to create the ideal result

    Alina Duculescu
    Alina Duculescu
    Co-Founder / Interior Designer

    A true “fashion addict”, Alina brings to our team extravagant ideas, while managing in the same time to be technical and attentive to details.

    Anamaria Căpăţineanu
    Anamaria Căpăţineanu
    CO-Founder/ Interior Designer

    Theatre taught Anamaria to always be curious and seek depth into things; She is the sociable part of our team, being in the same time the balance between us.

    The quality of our services has its roots in professionalism and ethics

    Elle Decoration
    Casa Mea

    You aren' t just buying the design, you are buying the lifestyle


    Benefits of collaborating with the Gavia Concept team

    Interior design made by a professional will add value to your life.

    1 The interior design project includes details about the aquisition of different objects used in the implementation. By using Gavia Concept services you will save time and energy. Optionally, you can add different services regarding visitis to specialized stores and aquisition of the products proposed in the design.

    2 There is no doubt that you have a given budget for the implementation of the project.
    This is a solid reason why we offer the control of the costs by making certain that the value of the overall work and aquisitions will not exceed the budget you decided on.

    3 The final project includes custon made furniture plans, calculation of the necessary materials, and electrical and lighting plan that will streamline the collaboration with the construction team. Optionally, you can purchase services that consists on site visits during the key points of the implementation.

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