The bedroom – design ideas
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The bedroom – design ideas

[:en]The bedroom is, by definition, a space meant for relaxation and resting; it is that place in the house where you go so that you can leave everything behind, at least for a while, enough so that you can get yourself together and gain the energy needed to face it all once again.

Just like in relation to any other matter, we have our own tastes and expectations regarding relaxation. In our living space, our needs and demandings are reflected through our preferences in shades, density, light, textures, materials, and volumes. The way we asemble all these elements can be one that we consider harmonious, but to bring it to the point where relaxation steps in, there are few more steps to follow. The difference is important because harmonious and aesthetically pleasant does not mean, necessarily, relaxing.  We want, with no doubt, to decorate our office in the most pleasant way, without any aestetically disturbing elements, but that does not mean that the space itself invites to relaxation. Therefore, the challenge raised by decorating the bedroom is closely related to our capacity to measure all these elements that help us get rid of tension, creating an atmosphere of calm and quiet.



So, as stated before, these changes can be chromatically related.  White has, for most of us, a semnification towards this direction. Is uniform, inspires clean and purity, and, plus, it does not have to be completely flat, but by completing it with the right elements can be spactacular. More than that, neutral colors have that effect, being in the same time discrete; therefore, maintain some sense of moderation. The general perception is that cold colors should be avoided in the bedroom, because their rigorous character and potentially dynamic and distant inspiration are not suited for this type of room. In spite of this perception, we must say that there are severous solution of design that involve cold colors and those solutions came out more than suited for this room.

It is important, of course in design, the type of furniture used and the way that this harmonizes the available space. It is unlikely that a small room can fit a lot of furniture pieces. The density of the space has a big saying in creating the sensation we want to convey. On the other hand, if we do not necessarly like the minimalist style, most probably we will want to fully improve a large space more generous than just to add one bed and two night stands. A sofa or a table placed next to the window can create the idea of comfort, even though it is not imperative to have them in the bedroom.

The style chosen for design is important as well, but, again, it cannot be chosen by making an abstraction of what that style transmits at a personal level. For some of us, modern means cold, simple and a lack of personality, for others, classic means too heavy, stale, and tiring; that is why the choice we make style wise has to be made in perfect resonance with our perception on that particular style.


Functional wise things are different. We will talk about different solutions regarding the design of the bedroom which you can use regarding the style. First of all, when we renovate we have to keep in mind the quality of finishes and accessories. Our recommendation is to use quality materials that are sound proof. One example is to use drapery in natural fabrics, dense, that do not allow the light to come in and help us obtain a longer and more relaxing sleep in the mornings we are not in the rush to leave the house. It is very important that we choose the materials for the bedroom, to go towards the natural fabrics, like: wood, cotton, linin, etc. This way, we can assure not only to obtain a warm and welcoming room, but also to benefit our health and mood.


For the best comfort, make sure you have access to the light switch from the bed for both lights from the bed side and general lighting. For a better traffic flow, do not position the bed in front of the door, if possible. And regarding the old problem about storage, we strongly ask you to use all space to create storage areas (we promise they will not remain unused): night stands with drawers, storage under the bed, customized furniture for space-efficient.

Considering all these aspects and placing them in the context of their own sensibilities, chances of getting a bedroom that meets our the needs and desires increase significantly.

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