How to decorate your rented apartment
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How to decorate your rented apartment

[:en]Because I have a very good friend who lives in a rented apartment and which I recently helped “refreshed”, I thought to write an article for those of us who feel the need of a new vibe in their rented space.

design interior birou mesaje pe pereti

The living space is, first of all, a personal space, a space which stimulates privacy and comfort. For it to actually be seen as so, usually, it has to be decored accordingly to its renter’s personality and interests. Going over the limit a bit, we can say that in the case of an apartment being personal property, the options have no limits and anything is possible. But things are totally different for those who rent.

Decorating options for rented spaces are, almost in all situations, limited by two aspects: the owner’s restrictions and the desire of the renter not to invest too much in a space which it’s not his to own. With that being said, leaving aside the rare fact where the owner meets the renters design ideas and they decide to decorate the apartment accordingly, solutions exists.

Put an emphasis on tech qualities and hide the imperfections

Analyze the space you rented and identify the elements that are worth stand out. Maybe it is an old space which has specific details to its time. Painting the walls in light grey or blue and keeping the molding white, can be a first step to give your space a fresh and modern look.

Just as easy you can use non-functional elements. An old kitchen furniture can receive a different function without too much investment by using wallpaper, or simply, paint, or just changing the door and drawers’ handles. If the space is small use a lot of white to open it up.

design interior bucatarie frigider personalizat

Practical furniture

You do not need expensive furniture to dress up aesthetically and efficiently a space. In case of rented spaces, we recommend the modular type of furniture which offers enough flexibility in decorating and can be adapted to any space. Few wooden planks, maybe with used aspect, put on a wall with metallic supports can become an ideal bookshelf with industrial influence, intentionaly neglected and yet with a level of sofistication.

design interior birou improvizat lazi de lemn

Details with impact  

A solution that always works is to reduce as much as possible the background to neutral and then transform the space in a series of elements with powerful visual impact. A lighting which stands out, big and colorful frames are just few of the mostly used solutions to create a pleasant atmosphere where monotony is out of the equation.

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