Masculine interiors
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Masculine interiors

[:en]Masculine style in interior design can oscillate between rough and refined, two very different categories.

Masculine style in interior design  can be suggested by those old or overused elements, the raw materials or the insufficient processed ones, those bulky items, solids which removes the suggestion of delicate and fragile.

dormitor perete beton stil industrial

The industrial style has a strong masculine footprint, just like the interiors that are useing technology.

The roughness of construction materials, bringing hidden installations in front and useing the mix of  concrete, glass and metal brings up a masculine decoration.

loft stil eclectic scandinav

It is more likely that a masculine space to be arranged in a sober color, but that does not necessarily imply exclusive dark ones or exclusive presence of the non-colors. You can use strong colors as red, green, blue or orange, without losing the masculine ensemble.

You might recognize the adventurer spirit items in the ones containing animal print details, in decoration items which reminds of primitive tribes hunters or maps showing first discoverers trails.

Straight angles, straight lines and overall minimalism can betray a good organization capacity, supported by a rigorous discipline.

mobilier retro dormitor alb

So even if “masculine” seems, at first glance, a tag easily associated with specifical content, when it comes to the subtleties of the interior design, valences are many and it is for specialists to find the most appropriate expression best for everyone.

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