Denim inspired
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Denim inspired

[:en]If you were to think about materials which seem to stay forever modern, then one of them should be, no doubt about it, denim. Quite versatile in both texture and color, denim can be an inspiring material for fashion design as well as for interior design.

design interior moda geaca de blugi

Denim can complement perfectly both an open and luminous interior as well as a more narrow and rather dark space. Although its cold color seems to fit better a masculine “landscape”, dominated by raw balance and detachment, depending on how it is integrated within the given space it can also be the central point of a warm and hospitable environment.

design interior living canapea denim

amenajare apartament stil scandinav denim

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This material stands as one of the most notorious symbols of youth, but not of a limited time confined youth but of the perpetual young spirit which might characterize some people throughout their entire life. This is why denim can be perceived as one of the classical symbols of modernity, thus displaying, if properly used, both a sense of classical balance and significance, as well as a sense of innovation and freshness.

Due to all its features, denim can become a reliable ally in building interior design concepts to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. It can be sober and subtle, welcoming and warm, playful and non-conventional or dramatic, controversial, elegant and even minimalist. The denim itself can inspire many possibilities and scenarios, but it is due to the context around it to highlight the particularly relevant characteristics necessary to create a coherent image.

design interior sezlong denim

Denim can successfully dress a playful reading or workstation, it can establish focus points within a living room, it can create a relaxing environment suited for rest in the bedroom and it can even set the tone for a modern kitchen.

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The famous creator, Ralph Lauren, went on to invent a type of decorative painting for walls that mimic the texture of the denim made of the famous jeans, which can be obtained with the dyes and tools from the Indigo Denim collection by Ralph Lauren. This collection of paints contains 14 denim shades. Of course, the most important is the application technique, the desired shade can be obtained from any specialized shop based on a color sample.

From Mutina, Tratti collection, design by Inga Sempé, you can even choose even ceramic tiles that mimic the texture and color of the denim.

Design interior faianta Tratti Inga Sempe Mutina

Being easy to find and not very expensive, this material can be used as primary source for creative DIY projects. In this respect it can be used to cover furniture, to create storing space solutions, to design non-conventional quilts, pillow cases or rugs and even to put together small art projects.

We recommend you some denim products that you can find in KARE store in Băneasa, București and on the following website:

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