Copper, trend accent
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Copper, trend accent

[:en]When used in interior design, metals, in their natural shades, characterize the industrial look, which sometimes can come out as raw, stiff, even cold.

Copper is, through some of its futures, completely separate from other metals. First of all, copper is distinguished by its warm shades. And yes. It is shades, not shade – because another important feature of this metal is its color versatility. All of these, together with its moderate brightness, inherent in this material, make it ideal for modern decors carefully chosen finish.

Being so versatile, we see, nowadays, copper being used more and more often in interiors, with details as lighting, bathroom and kitchen taps, sanitary objects, and of course decorative objects.


Metals always stand out against any background of an interior because, usually, this is dominated by texture and material of completely different nature. Copper, more than the others, can be easily combined with other metals. And one aother important aspect is that the mark that time leaves on it does not confer upon him a look of decay,  instead it makes it look  even more interesting and attractive.

Accents in interior design created with the input of copper represent one of the latest trends in the field. By choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink or bathtub made out of copper, you will obtain the chic modern decor you opted for.

Copper tiles, which can be smartly placed on the walls of your space, can as well give the whole interior a contemporary tone.


Copper frames for mirrors, as well as small items, such as cabinet handles, will increase the precious and elegant design you opted for and which can be implemented by adding such amazing details.

Restored in the eyes of the specialists in interior design, caused by the increased attention brought on vintage elements and recycling and reusing, copper proved itself that its flexibility and potential are worthy of all of the attention that is now given. Therefore, in today’s days, copper is widely sought and used both in architecture and interior design projects.

One of the most appreciated characteristics of copper is its unpredictable and unique way of time transforming, under the influence of different factors (heat, humidity, etc.). So, for those of you who are not yet convinced that you can succesfully integrate it in your interiors, I suggest you make a small experiment-investment and chose a copper element and see what time does to it – I can assure you that after you will see the impact,  you will want to add more elements of copper in your interior.

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