How to set up a small garden
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How to set up a small garden

Ideas for a small garden set up


The weather is getting warm and you want to make plans to have fun with family and friends, but what if your garden is too small and appears to be too little for a barbeque space and a playground for children or for a dining area and a yoga space?

Small garden for family and friends

Dining place

Let’s take them one at a time. For the dining area, an excellent solution is the use of the storage bins, which joined together can take the place of the sitting area. This type of  bench  is the best solution to streamline dining places. Also, it helps us store garden equipment, pillows and blankets.


The planter


Another idea can be tall built planters with a wide border, which will create additional sitting space. For comfort, add pillows in vibrant colors. They can cheer the decor and they are a visually pleasing transition to the children playground.

Playground for children

When talking about the playground for children, we don’t want to fill the garden with toys. Therefore, we need to build a creative and an attractive enough space, in which the kids can unfold. A blackboard, some horizontal coloured tree sections and a small sand pit can be interesting and interactive ideas.

Small garden for yoga and relaxation


How can we set up a small garden in which we want both a yoga area and an area for socializing with friends? Any garden, regardless of size, can become a place of quiet contemplation that encourages relaxation. A yoga garden requires an environment protected from wind and also partially open to the light and solar heat.


Plants are essential here because they provide a valuable green buffer that separates us from the busy environment. They also provide a fresh, oxygenated atmosphere.

A fountain

A japanese fountain using a stone basin, a bamboo slit or a gravel base may also be a delightful garden element that blocks noise.

Zen terrace A modern zen terrace is characterized by clean lines, modular elements and comfort. Thus, if your garden has a small size, a patio floor can be a good solution, combining comfort with low maintenance. A set of furniture supplemented with some cushions thrown on the floor, may be just what you need. Candles and incense sticks complete the atmosphere with the calm and relaxing smell that you need.


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Good luck!

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