High-ceilinged rooms
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High-ceilinged rooms

[:en]Because they are out of line, high-ceilinged rooms may be perceived as disproportionate and their design may seem to be a greater challenge than setting other. It is, however, a matter of perspective. A room with high ceilings is undoubtedly even more spacious and brighter, with higher windows.

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Once cleared that high room is far from being a problem, it remains to see what are some of the options to design it efficiently.
Large works of art, photos, posters, prints on special materials or even paintings will balance the high ceilings. It is also useful to paint the ceiling a darker shade different from that used for the chamber walls or creating an accent wall.


In a very spacious room, such as those with high ceilings, it has been working to create a more intimate feeling. A well ventilated and bright environment is desirable and so the elements density should be well controlled to prevent the space to become overwhelming. Large suspended lights, lowered sufficiently below are making the area felt no longer uncomfortable, naked and cold.

It is also recommended that such a room should contain several levels. Specifically, the layout of the elements used in its design should not stop at the horizon linear, but to create points of interest at different heights. The objects of art are always a solution, but could also work few shelves of a library.

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We can talk about several levels also from another point of view: we can create high different areas for different activities. For example a desk, a space to relax or eaven a bed.


Such rooms allow the use of oversize items, which always had an interesting impact and dramatic load. Elements with a deliberately disproportionate size might be ideal.

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