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[:en]There are so many details that need to be taken under consideration when aiming for the perfect interior design from walls to furniture and decoration, that you might even miss a few crucial components. One of these is, no doubt about it, regarding carpets. You might find the perfect fit for everything else and then discover that the final piece of the puzzle is missing. When you find yourself in cloudland, anxious to design the perfect set up you might realize when you come down-to-earth again that you wished you would have had them rest on a more friendly area.

It is not at all easy to find a good carpet, at least not one that could give you a sense of originality and comfort all at once. Since we became very familiar with this issue, we have decided to take matters into our own hands and to invest considerable time and effort into designing a collection of carpets that supplements perfectly the lack there of that we know exists on the market.

Leather by Gavia Concept

The idea started from the discovery that it is very hard indeed to find on the market the carpets that could satisfy our idea of creativity. We wanted them to have not only an interesting and creative aspect, but also a high quality composition, therefore we went for leather. This is, in very little word, the engine that started Leather by Gavia Concept.

covoar unicat design interior

There are many “behind the scene stories” but we consider that it is more interesting to bring to your attention the story our carpets mean to tell. And, before anything else, what is most important to remember is that our carpets were designed to fill a vacuum with high-quality handmade products that aim for originality, modern colors and conceptual design.

Best friend – is a statement of imperfection which appeals to the reasonable few who find their balance in the idea that there is no point being perfect otherwise the beauty of diversity would be lost.

covor piele unicat maro albastru

Moma – recalls the unpredictable dynamic of modern art

Jungle – is best fitted for an environment which can reflect its taste for adventure

Macarones – is filled with joy and designed to inspire a cheerful dance

design interior covor piele pastelat

Black swan – tells an earnest and intriguing story, which you might sometimes realize that it resembles you own

design interior covor piele si blana

Blue Cow – is for those born to break the rules

Venus – is subtle and seductive, insinuating even in the most arid areas the grace of its curves


Purple dear – has a domesticated savagery which suggests the anxiety of a captive animal

D.J. – mixes lights, flashes, animation, freedom and extravagance!

design interior covor turquoise

Leather by Gavia Concept entire collection can be found HERE.

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