Cork – element of design
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Cork – element of design

[:en]After any longer period of rest, returning to work and all that entails everyday life can become a reason of a “mini-depression”. As it happens on Sunday afternoon when you feel how close the end of the weekend is or after the winter holidays when the first day of work appears like a bad memory that you want to keep at distance or as a confrontation that you want to avoid as much as possible. Sure it’s not a healthy and safe approach, but you certainly been there at least a few times so you know what we mean.

It will be much easier to get over that if you return to a job that you love to do. You can always find the resources easier to get over difficulties when you foresee sufficient grounds for satisfaction. Incidentally, one of the tricks recommended to move slightly from waking up at late hours to the rigor of a working day with challenging deadlines and meetings, is to increase your enthusiasm through an interesting project.  Aim to do something that’ll eliminate apathy and raise your impatience to begin.

What about a redevelopment project that includes as main material cork? Yes, we know, if you think of cork, the first image that comes to your mind is the one of the stoppers which leaped from bottles of wine and champagne in the days that just passed. And … so what?! If you kept some, we have a number of interesting proposals to put them in a different light. If you have not, then you could start to gather some new, in fact, after a long day at work you deserve a glass of wine as a reward.

It’s amazing how many things you can do using this material. You could use caps to create decorative elements. You could place a large glass bowl filled with cork in the kitchen or living room. You can use them to achieve support elements for posts or photos. They can be the main material of the center-pieces placed on festive tables. Another idea is to create frames, candle holders,  elements of protection against hot objects, big letters, lighting or even carpets.

diy pluta masa

Cork used as a construction material is also quite versatile. Insulate well and is a material that contributes to increase comfort. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. And if you already are guessing what are the most practical and common arrangements using cork, you should know that designers are not afraid to include raft central material in the creation of furniture or dishes.

design interior alb birou pluta pardoseala lemn

masuta de cafea scaun tamburet

scaun pluta desing

scaun pluta masa design interior

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