Indulgent interiors that redefine luxury
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Indulgent interiors that redefine luxury

[:en]You are always on the run trying to be there on time and to get everything done. Meanwhile you are always thinking about why is all this necessary, why do you have to stretch yourself so much. It sometimes feels impossible to make all ends meet, to make a sense of your lifestyle and to always understand the reasons behind your effort. It can get frustrating and tiresome and it might push you to think you should give it up. You then remember that trill you get at the end of the day, looking behind and seeing how much you’ve done, counting the accomplishments of the day, feeling proud for managing to juggle them all again. You remember that you love what you do, that you’ve chosen to do it and that that at some point you were hoping to live like this, to feel needed, active, involved and, more than anything else, to feel strong enough to face all challenges that might come your way.

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You have to live each day with this constant dual need to have it all and, at the same time, to give it all up. You want all the thrill, all the excitement, all success, all challenges, but to reach it all you need to give up your energy, your time, your peace. In order to make it all possible you realize you have to by all means find a balance. There has to be enough there in your life to make you feel it is worth it. Coming back home, at the end of the day needs to be one of the crucial moments in which you feel that it all makes sense. Your home, the place you retire from another day on the battlefield has to indulge all your needs and desires and has to be able to compensate for all the stress and haste that have tourmented you throughout the day.

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You need an interior that makes you feel like all burdens have been lifted. You need rooms that make you feel well treated, that provide all the comfort you need, without requesting any more of your energy. You want a home that makes you feel you’ve won the big prize and that you deserve it. You want spacious rooms that make you feel like you are walking through a castle, you want sumptuous lighting that puts you in the spotlight, you want the most comfortable seating possible, you want details that claim uniqueness and help you realize just how special the world you live in is. You want a bathroom and bedroom that are able to take away all the stress of the day. At home everything has to be perfect, to make you feel perfect. The interior solutions chosen should be able to provide perfect resonance with you self, to understand your needs and to answer them in the best way possible. When stepping inside your home, it should be like reaching the finish line and being rewarded properly.

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Share with us some ideas about how you envision luxury interior that indulges your senses.

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