Bathroom – Design Ideas
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Bathroom – Design Ideas

[:en]Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is one of those rooms that should suggest cleanliness and freshness. And because nothing is better associated with cleanliness than brightness, we can see a tendency to choose smooth bathroom surfaces and bright colors. To maintain the feeling of an open and unloaded space, surfaces and colors are helped to reach their maximum potential through a simplified decor.

These general details may be supplemented or even contradicted by some more specific describing different attitudes towards the required experience in this room. The position of this room in a house can significantly influence its appearance, for example. One way will show a dip contained somewhere in the center of the house, completely different one that has an outer wall and both will undoubtedly be different from a bathroom located in the attic somewhere.

Positioning is extremely relevant to determine placement of light sources. If for a bath contained inside the house should be designed a special lighting and ventilation, for those who have an outside wall situation changes significantly.

design interior baie - sisteme de iluminat oglinda

Similarly, for bathrooms located in the attic can be considered either a window on the inclined wall, or even a skylight.

The lack of space problems are not limited only to the effective area of the room. Bathroom requires a further subdivision by its areas of different destination. Shower or bathtub are most relevant examples. Lately the showers are built as separate sections. Also the bathtube must be spacious enough to invite you to a relaxing bath.

Anyway, despite its destination, the bathroom also remain a part of our home and should satisfy the requirements of those who use it before planning any standard rule. Haveing this thinking, it is possible that the bathroom will not lead at all or will just lead a little to the clasic style. Placeing a chair in the bathroom or shelves with books and pictures, or paintings may be for some an eccentric act, while for others the answer to a natural need.

amenajare clasica baie matrimoniala

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