Article Unica, November 2014
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Article Unica, November 2014

[button color=”black” link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”” icon_position=”right” scroll=”false”]Vezi articolul[/button]Starting off with our motto “Thoughts become things” (Mike Dooley) and from our desire to be part of people’s lives not only through interior design but through unique elements, came to life our first product design project, as an addition to interior design. The project consists of making custom made leather rugs, every project having its own uniqueness, with the possibility of choosing by the client of the colors and texture of leather and fur.

The “You Are Unique” rug is a special project custom made for Unica magazine, which gets its inspirations from the many different readers. It is an unique rug, hand-made, created out of natural leather and fur stripes. Different types of leather were chosen so that every patters perfectly describes the different types of women readers. Shiny pink represents the woman who follows tips and tricks and travel articles; matte pink the ones that follow health, diet and movie articles, crocodile for the readers that find themselves in the leadership and opinion articles; leopard fur for the eccentric and must-have ones, fashion and beauty; pale gold goes to lifestyle readers; brown for the women who read a bit of every article and black for those interested in reading especially event and book articles. Just as every woman represented in our rug is different and unique in its own way, the whole rug represents the complete woman, Unica woman.


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