Child Room – Design Ideas
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Child Room – Design Ideas

[:en]Even if decorating kid’s room is an adults job, they should not be taken too seriously when dealing with this task. They should take more seriously look of kid’s desires and needs. Listening carefully to what they wants would help them get some very useful ideas.

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It is very important to decorate without threating the kid’s health in any kind. The furniture design mustn’t have too many sharp angles, the materials must be strong, but not necessarily heavy or rigid textures, so as to avoid the risk of causing allergies, irritation, etc. However, beyond all these precautions should not be neglected the room atmosphere. At this level, the decisive impact should be the child desires.
The room can be decorated as a “story”, but make sure that the story is one close to the kid’s taste and sensitivity. You should not be surprised that they are not impressed by the classic dragons and kings tales, instead, his imagination is populated by superheroes, gadgets and technology. To provide his comfort and to make him really enjoy his room is important to understand his/hers sensitivity, elements that resonate with him/her. Only in this way we will create the desired effect of the room. Basically, what do we follow?
We would probably want him to be dynamic, not to spend too much time in front of the computer, that’s why we should arrange a space to provide as much opportunities as possible to carry out activities like: an interior swing, walls that can draw on or even a wall where he could climb like Spiderman.

Most children love the places where they can hide, fortress-type. So why not a tent, a bed-car or a tree house?

The desk where they do homework could be that place in the room associated with their projects to stimulate curiosity and creativity, a workstation where to sit always with enthusiasm. It might have close to it a mini-exhibition of projects: pictures when first climbed the mountain, drawings, competitions awards, collections, etc.

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It is important to discipline himself and teach him to keep order, but it’s unlikely to do so if it is required and not found stimulating solutions. Among these solutions could be assigned cleverly designed storage spaces. He may not be willing to pack plush toys, but knowing that the place where all kind of animals gather together is called zoological garden, he might.

Decorating child’s room can be a serious challenge, but approached with flexibility and openness to understand his needs and desires, might be much less difficult than initially seem.

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