5 Ideas to redecorat with almost no money
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5 Ideas to redecorat with almost no money


How to decorate your house with a small budget , as you literally have no money but still feel the need for change.


We belive that  it  happened  to us all that in the near future to have no budget for the renovation, but still feel the need to surround ourselves of beauty. You’re telling yourself  too often:  I spend too much time in the house, and I want my home to inspire me, resonates with who i am, and yet I can’t afford  a  renovation .

Here are some ideas that we’ve applied and which certainly will assist you.

1. Expose memories

Expose memories gathered with loved ones in a creative way. You only need the pictures that you definitely keep it  in an album looked through a drawer, a pencil, black paint, brush, glue, paper tape, a tape and a ruler.

First measure the wall and then mark the exact position of the photos.

Draw  the  frames  for the pictures to be glued . Tape the paper scotch on its side exterior, paint and color it black . With a permanent marker write a text that inspires you or makes you happy. Glue the pictures after the  paint has dryed and ” voila “.

2. Expose your hobbies.

As we all know, in generaly speaking, the problem with storage is somehow available for everybody.  We never, ever have enough storage space and more so, for hobbies and sports. So let’s expose them .

How: We recommend you to try an approximation on a sheet of paper. Draw to scale the wall and both the objects, but the objects we say to be drawn on a different sheet from the wall drawing. Cut them and play with them on the wall drawing, until you find a position that suits you. We guarantee that will look fantastic and you will enjoy your hobbies every day.

3. Magnetic wall.

Memories, beautiful people and places you’ve visited and gathered  you those fridge magnets. Well, crowded fridge is “history”. Welcome magnetic paint.
Choose a wall that you want  to be the focus point of the space and applied magnetic paint,  recommended for powerful magnetism to be applyed  in at least three layers. Usually  the paint black, but over whether blacks can not apply a wall paint in the desired color.
Tips: If you want to write messages or funny text, we recommend applying over a layer of washable paint pottery “chalkboard paint.” The result will be downright fantastic.

4. Streaks

Well , as we all know, high stripes make us look taller. The rule also applies to interiors. A not so height space will seem much taller using vertical stripes. We can choose symmetrical stripes, the same size, or we can play both width, and the distance between them for a dynamic filling. A roller, tape, tape scoch paper, paint , and get to work.

design interior mobila bucatarie dungi verticale, mobila moderna

design interior mobila living dungi alb negru

5. Handwriting on the walls.

We know . You’ve did it when you were a kid and each time it come out “messy” for you. This time you can use this ” hobby ” to give a personal note to your reading and relaxation space, for example. You can be more creative and ( a) write your own thoughts , or you can write quotes that inspire you . No need to have a nice and tidy writing. Help yourself to scotch paper to establish your chalk line . After you peel it of, everything will look fabulous .

Photo source: www.gaviaconcept.com