Why hire an interior designer for your company
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Why hire an interior designer for your company

[:en]If what you need for your company is a set of comprehensive interior design services, then you really need to hire an interior designer. Besides building an original and consistent image, an interior designer will also provide consulting services for choosing the most appropriate items according to the given budget, timeframe, concept and, of course, desired outcome.

Working with an interior designer will prove especially beneficial when considering a business space, because while a house can be looked at as being a private space, a company should be regarded as a public space. Both should be treated as equally important, no doubt about it, however, the headquarters and offices of your company constitute the image of your business and you will want it to look as professional as possible.

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Companies are judged according to the quality of their products, of their services, to the competence of their employees, to the stability of their management and to the relationships they build with both customers and partners. All these reflect a certain image of the company which, in order to secure success, needs to be carefully planned and built. For this reason a company must reflect in appearance as well the concepts which lay at its foundation together with its business model and its values.


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We face 90% of the time indoors, of which at least 35% at work. That is why creating a functional, ergonomic and creative work environment has a strong impact on employees and automatically on labor productivity.

Passion, engagement and employee mood are the guiding elements of the company’s business. The interior design, along with the employee’s financial satisfaction, is a powerful incentive to increase work productivity through comfort, functionality, ergonomics, color, efficient illumination.

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Given the dynamics of the current market, it must be said that originality also plays a big part. It is not enough to provide good services and products. In order to set itself apart, a company must justify why it is different than others, what makes it special, what makes it the best possible choice.

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Besides whatever original elements it might want to display, your company is both a public space oriented, as stated above, towards interaction with customers and partners as well as a workspace which needs to provide privacy when necessary. As such, special attention must be paid to the versatility, organization and segmentation of the space.

This is quite an endeavor, but it is precisely what justifies the contribution of an interior designer. An interior designer has the skills and ability to create an environment which>

  • can accommodate a large variety of people, while staying faithful to the company’s values and icon-image;
  • reflects professionalism, while staying comfortable thus making it less difficult for those who enter it to spend some time there, either waiting or discussing;
  • is well organized making it easy for both “outsiders” as well as employees to orient themselves;
  • can encourage group work, while also providing privacy for concentration on particularly demanding tasks or for meetings that must be hold behind closed doors;

We wanted to present in more specific terms the benefits of working with professional interior designers, but probably, to a certain extent, the presentation is redundant since on a competitive market, when it comes to quality, compromises must be avoided and successful business managers know this better than anyone else.

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