Hammam style at home
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Hammam style at home

[:en]We always complain that we do not have enough time to do everything we wanted. We have 1000 plan, some of which are defined and some of which are quite blurry. Plans regarding projects we want to start, or, between us, plans we would like to see finished. We dream sometimes at free days, where we can forget about everything and not have a care, at least for a while, about all the daily pressures. Let’s make an imagination excercise. How does a perfect day looks like for you? It is easy to always look unsatisfied, but can you put the dot on i and say few things that bring you joy, even if they are temporary?

What would happen if in one of these days you can include an oasis of relaxation? To step into a different decor which sends you in a split of a second to another world. A room that, once you are in it, helps you forget about everything. Step on a ceramic tile with intricated patterns, on the arabian details that send you thinking about exotic places. The simplicity of the decor is contrabalanced by the abundance od decorative details, carefully placed in airy spaces, on the floor, on few segments of a wall or into the luxurious details of a light. The materials may seem cold, but the atmosphere is pleasantly warm. You feel the warmth invading yourself. You can feel that every cell of your body relaxes and you, suddenly, have the patience to absorbe the final result. The comfort is accentuated by the aromas you feel in the air. The materials you see surrouding yourself combine courageously a certain type of stiffness with the finesse of the details. You see stone, copper and oriental shapes. All of them look like they were carefully manufactured and, as abundance, reduced to the esential. The color scheme, no matter the variety, stays inbetween neutral tones. Filled with warmth and the suggestion of powerful contrasts, with the energy exhausted by the hot tub and the monotony of a lent rithym of the water which moves just though your slow motions, you try the experience of a cold shower. It is brutal, but necessary. It helps you feel refreshed and revigorated. Following this, to fulill your moments of pleasure, you look for the soft slippers and towels that cover you without feeling like it is an external, artificial element. They complete the experience through texture and design. Everything looks natural, organic, and balanced.

This is how it can look, broadly talking and with enormous simplifing it, the incursion of a hammam. The Hammam or Turkish bath, as most of you know it by, shares the idea of a regular bath, with its hygenic role with the main focus of relaxation. Usually, it is recommended that such a bath to be followed by a massage session.  

Massage or not, you can not say it doesn’t look catchy the idea of enjoying a Hammam inbetween the walls of your home.  And, even though you might not have the structure of a Turkish bath with its three different temperature rooms, for sure you can integrate design elements that can help you disconnect from all your daily problems, suggesting the experience with a positive impact on your mental and soul.

Photo source: www.pinterest.com[:]