8 Reasons why you should hire an interior designer
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8 Reasons why you should hire an interior designer

[:en] “I can do anything I want!” It would be wonderful if this could be possible. It still needs some nuances though. The truth is that we can’t do whatever we would like anytime, anyhow and with the limited resources that we have available at any given time. We can’t be someone else instantly without taking the required time to develop, and educate and we can’t get anywhere without going down a road which is often long and, in any case, different for everyone depending on the starting line, the skills, knowledge, and resources that we have, without mentioning the fortune, luck and chance. Despite this, “You can do anything you set your mind!” seems to be the motto of the day, I have analyzed some of the reasons why it makes sense to hire a specialist in interior design, even if you feel encouraged to think you can be you very good yourself.

1. You Save Time

When working on your own in a field in which you have not been prepared in advance, you inevitably need time for documentation. No matter how much confidence you have in your intuitions, it’s important to check them before you put them into practice. If you choose to work with a specialist, you will significantly reduce the time lost otherwise with your hesitations. In addition, the project would go entirely under that specialist`s task, giving you the time you need to do the things that you are really good at.

2. You Save Money

In all likelihood, if you go to decorate your own home, office or business premises you run, you find yourself at different times, before a multitude of confusing options. How do you choose the most suitable shades? How do you make the space seem high, airy and yet welcoming? What is the best furniture? What are the best materials? These are just some of the questions to which you should find the time to answer. And again, you must return to the documentation phase. Search! Ask! Read!

Despite the time invested, you may find yourself in front of the wrong choices in the end, and any subsequent adjustment will cost you not only time but also money. You might see yourself having to change the color of the wall because the one you chose makes the space look too dark, too light, too cold or too informal. You might have missed the shelves length with 2 cm next to the desk and realize that the two items do not fit on the same wall as originally planned. Or maybe the armchairs you chose, even though they have a nice printed upholstery, which was supposed to be the accent of the room, seems now excessive, shrill and tiresome.

There are several points where things can go wrong. There could be the option to correct them, but each subsequent intervention will mean exceeding the budget and time you initially set, but things could go well from the beginning if you choose to seek the services of a specialist.

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3. You Save Energy

All the effort of designing, documenting, and implementing we mentioned above, involves a great deal of energy. You will stress to choose the best solutions (without feeling sure that you have found them indeed), you will torment yourself to synchronize the various stages of the project (for example, if you remodel your bathroom, you should already have the ceramic tiles and sanitary items available on the day they are installed and before receiving the furniture) to find the best craftsmen to help with implementation and to identify the most resistant materials. You will always be under pressure and the cute and colorful design project from the beginning might become a little fiasco that you can`t wait to get done with. An interior designer could easily take that burden off your shoulders, inviting you to only periodically view the place and to enjoy seeing every stage of it done.

4. You Have the Guarantee of a Quality Result

No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to equal, in a relatively short time, the competence of a specialist with years of experience and training behind him. Even if you have a good sense of space and a good taste by nature (and you must ask yourself objectively if you have really have them) is not enough to work effectively with shapes, volumes, colors, and textures, so that you get a whole which is well adjusted to the smallest details. A well-designed space must have the brightness level, the “temperature” of comfort, and especially the registry the space is to be framed in, carefully adjusted. You cannot design a living room and a meeting room in the same way, even though they both rely on encouraging interaction, discussions, brightness and space. The feeling of comfort you were looking for in your office will not be the same with the one you were looking for in one of the rooms of your house. Working with a specialist guarantees you a quality result.

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5. The Designer Knows the Best

Just like in any other field, the experience is the one that helps an interior design specialist know the best solutions that a beginner might not have access to. He will be able to estimate the wear and tear degree that different areas will be exposed to, so he will choose the right materials to be used, not only by appearance but also by their resistance. He knows how to place furniture items in the rooms and accent their functions in line with a possible study of brightness. An experienced specialist is already partnering with other competent teams that can work together at different stages of the project to avoid risking to exceed the schedule, the budget and especially to compromise the quality.

6. The Final Result Will Be an Original One

As a newcomer, you will always guide on the models that you take as a benchmark. It’s quite possible that your idea of design is a copy of what you’ve seen done by someone else. In fact it is nothing wrong with reproducing something that you like and resonate with. The problems arise when you can`t quite find all the resources needed to reproduce exactly what you saw or when you do not have the skills needed to replace what is missing. You may not find exactly the same table, exactly the same frame or carpet. Will you know how to choose from those available, the most suitable, so as not to compromise the idea as a whole? And what if what you saw was appropriate for that specific type of space, but completely inappropriate for the space you want to design? You could end up with a decor too dense or rather sparse and shabby, if your space does not keep the proportions and structures taken as a model. An interior designer can create everything right because he thinks about the potential of that space, not from external models. In addition, he always considers the most appropriate ways to customize the space according to the needs and personality of the person, and this guarantees the originality of the final project.

7. The Designer Knows How to Get What You Want

You might think that no one but you could understand what you want, what makes you feel comfortable. When it comes to the environment, an interior designer will know better than you to get what you want. It is essential to communicate, to describe as detailed as possible what are your expectations are and what are the sensations you expect from the new space, but it is also important to listen to his suggestions and trust that his ideas arising from his experience and knowledge are vaster than yours.

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8. It`s the Smart Choice!

Remodeling a space is a project whose results will accompany you probably for quite a few years. And the space where you live or where you work will indubitably affect your mood and therefore your quality of life. Why would you want to compromise on a matter which has such a great impact on your life? You surely you want to breathe a cleaner air, to drink water that is less polluted and eat food as tasty and healthy as you can, so why wouldn`t you want to live in an environment as harmonious and balanced, as only a specialist can offer?

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