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In this hasty world, where technology is omnipresent in our lives, the trend regarding interior design is to create an intimate, comfortable, and relaxed space.
Mixing different elements is the key for “good design” in 2015. This year, we can see an interesting mix of designs, by associating elements from different styles and time periods. Even though the choice comes from people that might seem undecided on a particular style/ design, which sometimes happens, the mix is a well-controlled one, and the value of the objects is toned by the contrast.

What we recommend to people who are interested in interior design, but decided on remodeling without the support of a specialist and still wish to follow the trends of 2015, is to implement those trends with care. That’s if they don’t want to make changes again next year, when new trends inevitably appear.

That is why we don’t recommend implementing permanent and massive elements of a specific trend, such as flooring or ceramic tiles. The alternative would be to make use of those particular elements that can be easily changed, like chairs, coffee tables, lighting, decorations, drapes and curtains.

Gavia Concept gives you an insight on how 2015 trends can improve the aesthetics of your home. Check out the website for more details: